Technological Solutions to Streamline Your Business |

For small business owners, technology can be their best friend when it comes to reducing business costs, enhancing productivity, finding more customers, and above all, increasing profits. If you’ve yet to make full use of the power of technology, here are some ideas on how to take advantage of today’s technological solutions.

Online training and development

As a small business owner, you’re not just pitting your company against larger companies with more resources, you also have to compete with their skills and experience, which safe to say, are probably more extensive than yours. This is precisely why it’s important to pour ample resources into the training and development of your employees, something which traditionally takes quite a bit of money. Fortunately, numerous technological advances have made business training faster, easier and more affordable than ever. Numerous companies on the web offer online business training programs, so all you need to do is choose.

Alternatives to landlines

These days, it’s probably safe to say that you still have 1 or 2 landlines in your office. Nothing wrong with that, since that’s the way things are usually done. However, small business owners today are no longer as tied to their desks as they were 10, 20 years ago. With the advent of mobile phones, VoIP, virtual phones, there’s no reason why you can’t take your business with you wherever you go.


With today’s technological advancements, it’s now possible to hold conference calls with multiple individuals regardless of proximity. This means that employees or clients can keep in touch with each other, regardless of proximity or time zone. There are various companies on the web that offer teleconference services, some free, others for a fee, which is affordable considering the conveniences delivered.

Remote Desktop Programs

Today’s generation of small business owners are lucky to be in this time and age of sweeping technological advancements that allow them to take their business with them wherever they may be. Thanks to remote desktop applications, you can now have access to your main computer or workstation even when you’re outside the office, or even outside the country. With today’s solutions, it’s now possible to view and control your computer using a smartphone or mobile device such as a tablet PC.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a relatively new solution for small business owners. Instead of spending for a physical server at the office, you have the option of storing non-confidential files on a web server, where you can access it from any PC or mobile device. Again, this makes mobility easier.

Breaking the Barriers to New Small Business Communications Technologies |

“I already have a phone system,” or, “I can’t afford the cost of new technology right now…” These two statements are the most often cited reasons for businesses not considering an investment in new voice technology. For small business in particular, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone technology is far more powerful, reliable and cost effective than ever before. VoIP phone systems manufacturers have pioneered green technology and advanced network capabilities for businesses of all levels and sizes, offering the same voice technology for small businesses and large organizations alike at a very low operating cost.

Getting Past Barriers

The infrastructure needed to support traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) based phone systems was a major technological barrier in the past. A T1 line used to be a major commitment and was not cost feasible for small and medium sized businesses. The Internet and technology has since evolved, and now, even faster Internet speeds are available at a fraction of the cost to support the new voice technology platforms. Coupled with advanced VoIP technology and Unified Communications, users have the ability to make a phone call, high definition video call, send an Instant Message, Fax, email, voicemail, or start a video-enabled web conference with a single mouse click.

Over the last few years, the word “mobile” has come to mean the next stage of Internet growth. For any business to avoid investing in this vital technology is a bad policy. There is too much to gain and the costs are far too reasonable to justify losing the opportunity.

Small businesses can now maintain their existing investment in office phone systems, field communications and networking technology while integrating new, green VoIP systems on the back-end. This means realizing the cost savings while amortizing existing investment. With business capital as tight as it is for most businesses, this is an attractive option.

No More Excuses

“I can’t afford to hire a systems engineer…” This statement is yet another barrier preventing the small and medium sized business from adopting advanced networking technologies. Partnering with the right voice technology company that offers proven technology and support systems, a small business can afford to bring in the most advanced technology available with existing staff while incorporating their existing equipment. In spite of a down turning economy, technology has made the 21st Century the age of small business. Never before could a business leverage so much technology with so little cost and overhead. Now is the time to make such an investment in voice technology.